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Get a free Softaculous VPS license with every JustVM service!

Simplify the process of managing your hosting users with a complimentary Softaculous VPS License, offered at no cost to all JustVM clients.

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is a software installer that enables users to install popular self-hosted web applications such as WordPress, Magento, MediaWiki, Nextcloud, and more with just one click. This tool significantly speeds up the setup process. A Control Panel, such as CentOS Web Panel Pro, must be installed beforehand to utilize Softaculous.
All the tasks that typically require extensive manual labor, such as unzipping and uploading files, creating databases, and editing configuration files, are entirely automated. You won’t have to lift a finger, as everything is done for you with incredible ease and convenience.

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Here’s a quick sample of the kinds of applications Softaculous can install in just a couple clicks.

  • WordPress
  • b2evolution
  • FlatPress
  • Movable Type
  • Textpattern
  • phpBB
  • Simple Machines Forum
  • bbPress
  • MyBB
  • Vanilla
  • PrestaShop
  • Blesta
  • Magento
  • osCommerce
  • OpenCart

Screenshots of Softaculous in Action

A glimpse into the world of Softaculous

Softaculous makes it straightforward to keep track of all of your installed applications, and what version it is, as well as take backups. Keeping track of all your installed applications, and their versions, and taking backups has never been easier with Softaculous. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process, making it straightforward and hassle-free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about JustVM Softaculous Licenses.

Have questions?

We’ll help answer all of them.
Can I buy just a Softaculous License?
Should you desire to obtain a license for usage of this product in an outdoor setting, kindly visit the Softaculous website.
How many licenses can I get?
The number of licenses you can purchase is directly proportional to the number of JustVM services you have. Having multiple licenses for a single service is not possible, nor would it be beneficial even if it were.
Is this a trial license or limited in any way?
The license in question is a comprehensive premium license that comes with all the additional features and benefits. The sole constraint to the usage of this license is that it is limited to exclusively JustVM services.
What are the system requirements for Softaculous?
You must have a supported Control Panel installed on your KVM Dedicated Server
Softaculous currently supports DirectAdmin, Plesk, VestaCP, ISPConfig, CentOS Web Panel, and cPanel.
We include CentOS Web Panel Pro for free with every KVM Dedicated Server