Free CWP Pro Licenses

Get a free CWP Pro license with every service!

Just VM customers enjoy a fully-featured Centos Web Panel Pro license completely free for the lifetime of their VPS service.
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What is Control Web Panel?

The Centos Control Panel is a powerful and intuitive website control panel. Manage customers, websites, databases, and email addresses with an easy-to-use panel that doesn’t require years of system administration experience to operate.

Freebies 1-Click App Installs & Billing Software

Not only do we offer a CWP Pro license, but we also provide Free Softaculous Licenses as an added bonus. Softaculous streamlines the process of installing commonly used web applications, such as WordPress, for both you and your users, with just a few clicks. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your web hosting package.

If you are running a hosting company, it may be beneficial to combine your CWP Pro servers with our Free FossBilling solution. This will provide you with a simple way to manage your financial transactions, effortlessly deploy services, and streamline customer support requests.

CentOS Control Panel VPS vs cPanel VPS

CentOS Web Panel is a comprehensive website control panel that encompasses the most frequently used features found in other control panels such as cPanel. The user-friendly interface will be greatly appreciated by your hosting customers and users, while you will be able to manage the CentOS Web Panel with ease.

  • Create Administrator Accounts
  • Create Reseller Accounts
  • Manage DNS Zones & DNS Clustering
  • Create & Manage Email Address
  • Manage IP Addresses
  • Assign Free LetsEncrypt SSL’s
  • Create Basic Shared Accounts
  • Create User Packages
  • Manage User Backups
  • Manage User Passwords
  • Fully Customize User Themes
  • (un)Suspend Users
  • Easily Host Multiple Websites
  • Create & Manage Databases
  • Create & Manage Email Accounts
  • Support for Multiple PHP Versions
  • Built-in phpMyAdmin
  • Built-in File Manager

Screenshots of CWP Pro in Action

A glimpse into the world of CWP Pro


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about Just VM CWP Pro Licenses.

Have questions?

We’ll help answer all of them.
Can I buy just a CWP Pro License?
No. Reselling CWP Pro licenses (for external use) is not allowed under CWP Pro’s Terms of Service.
If you wish to get a license for outside use, please visit the CWP Pro website.
How many licenses can I get?
You can buy as many licenses as you have Just VM services. It is neither permissible nor beneficial to have multiple licenses for a singular service.
What operating systems are supported?
CWP Pro supports CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and even FreeBSD. Installing CWP Pro on an already used server is unsupported. Please only try installing it on a freshly reinstalled KVM Server.
Is this a trial license or limited in any way?
The license in question is an all-inclusive license, complete with all the necessary components and features. The sole restriction to be mindful of is that the license is exclusively applicable to the Just VM platform.
What are the system requirements for CWP Pro?
We recommend you have at least a 1GB KVM VPS to run CWP Pro. For larger website counts we highly recommend getting a 4GB or 8GB KVM VPS for the added CPU cycles.
Can I import my cPanel backups?
Yes! CWP Pro is able to easily import all “Full Account” cPanel backups.